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There is no need for you to be uncomfortable in your own home in Lake Mary, FL because of the heat. If your AC is broken or not performing optimally, G6 Mechanical is the first company you should contact. We are a company that is dedicated to improving the comfort in your home or business while at the same time reducing your air conditioning expenses. We offer custom services that suit your property. For more than 10 years now, we have been the go-to AC installation, repair, and maintenance company in Florida.

As one of the best HVAC companies in Florida, we are committed to restoring your comfort when you need us at any time of day or week. Our support services are available round the clock for both residential and commercial clients. When you contact us, we will start by performing a deep inspection of your current AC to identify the problem area. This is followed by giving you an estimate of the repair cost. Upon your acceptance, we will take care of the AC repairs using brand new materials. We never leave without testing the integrity of the repaired system. We make sure the repaired system can withstand the workload.

Our primary services include:

  • Ventilation system service
  • Zone control systems service
  • Dehumidifier service
  • Furnace service
  • Thermostat service
  • Residential and commercial HVAC construction


Why Choose Us

We are a family owned and operated company that is fully licensed, certified and committed to offering personalized services. We will provide you with full warranties and permits for the work we do. We believe in restoring the comfort in your building fast. We will arrive at your premise fast and get your AC repaired fast.

G6 Mechanical is your best choice for AC repairs. Contact us today if you need residential or commercial AC repairs, installation or maintenance in Lake Mary, FL.